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Client Success

Please take the time to read below the wonderful experiences others have had with Sheri’s channelled intuitive readings, spiritual guidance, metaphysical consulting & coaching, mentoring sessions and more.

Whether it be in person, by email, or by phone, with a little help and encouragement our clients have been able to step into their power, unlocking the doors to unlimited possibilities, and increasing their overall well being.

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I will admit, I wasn’t sure about an email reading the first time I signed up for one. I’m usually an “in person”  kind of gal when it comes to all this metaphysical stuff.

That being said, I’m am truly amazed at the accuracy of my intuitive reading (and not in the diluted daily Horoscope kind of way).  It was very thorough and presented in an extremely professional manner and easy to follow format.  I love that I have it all typed out and can refer back to it when I need to.

Sheri’s great care & warmth comes through in her intuitive guidance. – so much so that I didn’t miss the “in person” reading at all. What I’ve learned most in the time I’ve worked with her is to really take part in the process. We really have to be open to receive the best possible advice and wisdom.  Metaphysics transformed my life.  I am excited to wake up every morning now!

The insight and the wealth of information Sheri provided for me to help me move forward in my life was transformative. I learned how to keep improving myself so my life gets better and better and better each day. I definitely feel my recent email reading has paved the way forward for me to enjoy my life more than ever.

See for yourself, the journey with Sheri really is a life affirming one.

Estelle B
West Palm Beach, FL

Sheri is without a doubt the most incredible metaphysical clairvoyant I have ever worked with.  I simply can not recommend her highly enough, but you’ll see what I mean once you have your own psychic reading done with her … I guarantee that you will be utterly astounded!

In my line of work, complete confidentiality is extremely important to me as well.  I can’t afford to appear too woo woo.  I haven’t even come out of the “metaphysical closet” to my peers and even some family members.  Sheri is extremely discreet.  Confidentiality is of utmost importance to her.  She is definitely my go to for spiritual guidance from here on out.

I’m forever grateful to her for helping me change my life.  I now call her my personal friend and she continues to amaze me and countless others with her work.  I have referred her to many in my field. We are so fortunate to be blessed by such a genuinely gifted & loving soul.

Dianne F.
Ann Arbor, MI

If you ever feel worried, lost or anxious about the decisions you are making or if you question your gut feelings about things, Sheri can certainly set you at ease and make you feel better.  She answered my metaphysical questions and encouraged me and taught me how to trust my own intuitive guidance.  You will find comfort in her ability to tap into the energy surrounding you, a particular relationship, a particular situation etc.

Sheri just knows things she shouldn’t know and what she shares is life transforming. She holds your soul in her sacred space with great love and profound respect.  The love and light she exuberates helped me reclaim my own inner love and light each and continues to do so each and every time I work with her.

Sheri is an amazing healer in my world and I thank her endlessly for all she has done.

Janet J.
San Diego, CA

Sheri is of the utmost integrity and sincerity – she arrived at the core of my personal life issues with precision, warmth and a nonjudgmental gentle heart. At a time when more people have a thirst to know or to learn more about all things metaphysical, Sheri has certainly found her niche. She is a true master at what she does. She draws precisely on your personal energy and your strengths to help you feel better about yourself, your life and whatever situation you may be experiencing.

She’s taught me that I can help myself. I don’t have to play the victim and rely on someone else to “save” me. I have the power to help myself now and always. My life will never be the same. Sheri leaves you amazed and wanting more!

Sandra S.
Greenwich, CT

Sheri is a true earth angel. She offered the precise insight and advice I needed to move through a life altering situation unscathed. I didn’t think I could go on another day, but she guided me to a different perception of my situation and my life began to turn around.

As a metaphysical intuitive, her energy is so warm and reassuring it’s like a ray of sunshine warming you to the core of your soul. As a person, she could light up a city. We have only known each other for a short time, but I am already proud to say Sheri will be a close confidant I will look to for help and healing in my life for many years to come. Her healing energy is so infectious. I now love my life and my life loves me back!

Sebby P.
Scarsdale, NY

Since my first appointment with Sheri, I found her to be a pure vessel of spiritual and metaphysical knowledge. She comes from a place of integrity and authenticity while working with you to overcome or heal whatever life issue you may be dealing with at the time.  She teaches you, maybe empowers is a better choice of words, how to help yourself and live a much happier lighter life.

Sheri is internationally known and I was nervous about working with her at first.  I have to say, I’ve never felt more at ease. It was like working with an old friend. She is humble, direct and on point when reading your energy. I love the way she injects humor to make you feel better or should I say “lighter” about things. Sheri is truly gifted, in fact one of the best intuitives today. I highly recommend her. Her work is nothing short of remarkable!

Bernadette L.
Ottawa, Ontario

I was nervous about having and intuitive reading at first. I was brought up Irish Catholic and in my family astrology and metaphysics was a no no! I’ve always been drawn to metaphysics and the like and since I was very young I could see or maybe sense how it all fit together. Religion and Spirituality or the Metaphysical all appeared to be one and the same to me. The principals appeared to be basically the same. I could always see how they fit together like a puzzle. That being said, I still had some blocks and fears from my early childhood programming.

Sheri’s warm and gentle way helped me to relax immediately. After my initial reading, I felt a strong sense of completion in matters in my life. I was able to see and hear things that validated the feelings I have inside, follow my intuition, hear my inner guidance more clearly. I have a positive attitude about my future that wasn’t there before. I entire experience proved to be more beneficial than I’d ever imagined.

Sheri is a phenomenal intuitive channel, teacher and soother, for lack of a better term. I always feel better and clearer after seeking her insight. I have been a client of hers for a very long time now and I have consistently witnessed her ability to read situations with incredible clarity, and prescribe possible solutions with tremendous accuracy. When my patients ask me where they can go for intuitive guidance, my answer is always the same. She’s the real deal!

Dr. John
Boston, MA

Wow! Sheri is truly an amazingly gifted soul. Her gentle, enthusiastic and genuinely compassionate approach to her metaphysical work is a rare quality that shines through in each and every reading. She is most definitely a specialist in her field.

She is sharp, precise and her connection to Spirit is a magnificently beautiful thing to witness. She listens without judgment and reconnects me to my higher self, as well as gives insights into how I can make my life easier. She is always sincere, caring, and supportive. I am honored to not only call Sheri a work colleague but also a dear friend. Sheri your existence is a true gift to this Earth!

Mary S.
Sunderland, England

Sheri surely had been blessed with a special gift. She is not only a mediator between you and your guides but she also knows how to intuitively deliver the messages. She has helped me to heal a major blockage from my past that has negatively impacted me most of my life.

Since my reading with her, I have such a sense of freedom. I no longer live in the past. The amazing changes that have happened in my life since my reading have been astounding! Rather than dreading my future, now, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

I highly recommend Sheri to anyone looking for renewed inspiration, clarity, and spiritual connection in your life. It is worth far more than I can ever explain, as the insights I gained, will stay with me and impact my life for the better.

Claire A.
Sedona, AZ

Sheri is one of those rare people in the metaphysical community that stands out from the rest, not only in the way she works but in who she is. From the moment I stumbled upon her I knew she was special and when I requested a reading I understood why!

She hit the nail on the head with the information she gave me and I love the way she shared and delivered it to me. She is a true inspiration and she sparked my excitement for life. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a clearer insight into themselves and a deeper connection to Spirit.

To know that someone halfway around the world can tune into my energy and read me so clearly, providing such an in-depth and accurate picture removed all doubt for me. It was absolutely incredible and as encouraging for me as the actual messages I received. Sheri is astounding!

Gretchen P.
Lavender Bay, NSW, Australia

I am the owner of a metaphysical establishment and have had the pleasure of having Sheri conduct readings for and teach workshops to my clients. The clients I’ve referred to her are constantly amazed at the specific information she relay in her reading. As someone who has worked many years in this industry, it is rare to find true spiritual intuitive who come from the heart. That is exactly where she comes from.

Some clients were complete skeptics before working with Sheri, but have now become very open energy and the world of metaphysics. Her knowledge, understanding, love of people, and spot on intuition enhance the wellbeing of everyone she encounters. I am witness the real sustained shifts she helps her clients attain in their lives.

Brock D.
Asbury, IA

Throughout the decades I have known Sheri, her kindness and guidance has inspired me to trust that the universe / God / Spirit are always working out for my good. She has taught me to love, appreciate and respect myself, and to know that I can manifest anything my heart desires.

As a clairvoyant myself I am highly sensitive to energy and selective when it comes to what deserves my time, attention and focus, and like others, also enjoy a reading now and then for a different perspective. I can always count on Sheri to deliver with profound accuracy and am grateful for the validation, empathy and empowerment she provides. Not only is having Sheri in my life a privilege, it’s a blessing!

Victoria G.
Corpus Christi, TX

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