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Energy Reading – Test

Do you feel off, “out of sorts”, stuck, overwhelmed, not good enough or blocked? Do you feel like life stressors are eating you alive? Are you wondering …  what happened? How did I get here?  More importantly, what is causing me to feel this way and how can I make it stop?

A metaphysical energy reading helps tune your energy, much like tuning a piano.  Each of these major energy centers uniquely influences various physical and spiritual aspects of your life.

Nothing happens physically or emotionally that isn’t generated first energetically.

When there is an imbalance in your energy centers, it will eventually reveal itself as a problem in your physical, emotional, or spiritual body.

Whenever we feel pain anywhere in the body, even the slightest twinge of a pain, be it emotional or physical, it is the body’s method of sending you a signal. We need to take notice and listen. And we need to be proactive to undo the dis-comfort before it goes deeper and becomes dis-ease.

release emotional traumas that may be manifesting in the physical or mental fields. 

negative mental, emotional or physical patterns, left unchecked, can eventually result in  dis-ease or illness; and that the reversing

Do you need some extra support in a time of need and feel like nothing you are doing is working? That life is always a struggle? Or you just can’t get ahead?

when you are having a particularly challenging time in

Whether you have recently gone through a divorce, are grieving a loss, are unemployed, need help with anxiety or stress management, have low self esteem issues, have time management problems, lack in organizational skills, need direction with goal-setting, need help finding a work/life balance, or need practice with interpersonal skills

By sharing her knowledge with others through providing intuitive readings, informative videos, spiritual guidance and teaching, she helps her clients reach their full emotional, career, relationship, and spiritual potentials.

Evaluation of past, present and future energies that may impact your life.

She is astoundingly accurate, amazingly compassionate, and highly interested in helping others to redefine their futures. As a speaker, trainer, and spiritual coach she leads participants to higher levels of consciousness and personal awareness, activating the breakdown necessary to breakthrough, and to ultimately break free of the structures that bind them, be they emotional, psychological, spiritual, or physical.

look at the information you receive as something more like a weather report.

Never give up your power to make your own choices and decisions

continually reflects the condition of your physical, mental and emotional states of being.

how present energy patterns affect your experience of yourself, of others, and of the life you create.

You may feel tingling, hot or cold or experience nothing. Everyone has their own unique experience. Sometimes a healing stimulates emotions, or physical sensations such as pain or tension. This is normal and is simply the energy blocks coming up to be released.Helps with your self awareness and personal growth

Raises the vibrational frequency of your body
Relaxes the body so it can release stress and tension
Increases vitality, delays aging and aids better sleep
Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities
Normalizes blood pressure & supports the immune system
Helps relieve physical pain & promotes emotional clearing
Removes energy blockages and adjusts energy flow
Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins
Helps clear and balance aura, chakras, and meridians

What You Get

A call with Dr. Lesley to help you uncover the root causes of your health challenge.

A reading of your full energy system and your emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Relevant environmental and nutritional factors addressed.

An audio recording of your call so that you don’t need to worry to miss anything.

Recommendations and next steps for you.

Competent, compassionate and loving support from Dr. Lesley

snap shot of you, including your present state of being, physical, mental emotional and spiritual health, beliefs that support and hinder your life progression. It explains why you are creating your current life circumstances and helps you move forward.

so you can awaken, evolve and grow.

SEARCHING for authentic answers about WHO YOU ARE?

Yearning to find ways to cope with LIFE CHALLENGES?

Knowing you are here to make an IMPACT….but HOW?

Do you desire to live a BALANCED and PURPOSEFUL life? 

Are you are unique and value authenticity? 

Do you often get frustrated and feel blocked?

How do I… make an impact in the world / live a more enlightened life?

Create a shift in your reality

Establish the root cause of your health challenge.

Clear limiting beliefs and Discover how beliefs inflicted upon you by your family effect you today

remove harmful energies

clear energy blocks from the past

Healing takes place when that perception is corrected.

Recommendations and next steps for you.

Develop your intuition
Explore your healing abilities
Transform your life circumstances
Clear an unhelpful behavior pattern
Discover your life purpose or life’s work
Let go of emotional baggage or old hurts
Increase your clarity about your spiritual growth
Release beliefs and blocks holding you back
Work through issues causing chronic illness
Learn to manifest your dream life

wondering what to do next can be debilitating.

Either way, you will be guided to change your inner world, so your outer world will improve.

My role is to help you consciously realize what you already know. I offer guidance to help you see for yourself the next step forward on your path. I teach you techniques that empower you to take conscious control of your life. You can connect with your inner truth and higher guidance and operate consciously as spirit through your physical body.

Career, work and how you make a living.
Relationships with friends, family & others.
Your love life & attracting your mate.
Finances & your blocks to abundance.
Health issues & restoring your well-being.
Your life purpose, skills & abilities.
Emotional problems & pain from the past.
Your psychic experiences & abilities.
Low self-esteem & feeling powerless.
Feeling blocked, overwhelmed, indecisive.


Our chakras hold an incredible amount of information, including but not limited to: past lives, memories, traumas, destructive beliefs systems, negative self-talk, inherited patterns, learned patterns, subconscious level programming, habits, phobias, spirit guides, entities, cords, emotions, thoughts, feelings, pictures, dreams, etc.

goal of a chakra balancing is to create a steady and consistent flow of energy between each of the neighboring chakras, so that healing energy can flow freely throughout the body without interruption or restriction. Ideally, healing Cosmic Energy should be able to flow down from the Sky and into the Crown Chakra of the client, and continue on through the Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakras, and finally descend below the client through their Grounding Cord and into the Earth’s core as the final destination.


When we experience feelings of inner peace, joy, gratitude and well being, that means that the feedback loop creating our physical life experience is operating correctly.  We experience health and well being.

Busy Bee – too much going on in your life.

Drunken Monkeys – having an unfocused mind.

Emotional Basket Case – suffering from overwhelm.

Going Into Effort – trying too hard.

Spiritual Perfectionist – too many expectations.

Frozen with Fear – being judged ot getting it wrong.

Ego & Intellect – causing you to doubt.

  • Have greater clarity.Feel more confident.

    Banish stress & anxiety.

    Freedom to help yourself & others. 

    Fearlessly trust your intuitive messages.

    Experience increased peace & happiness.

    Know how to tap into your intuition when you wish.



Learn to consciously live your life purpose by mastering your chakras.

  • Discover the relationship between your chakras & your purpose.
  • Find out what information is channeled by which chakra.
  • Get the specifics on how mastering each of the 7 main chakras supports your life purpose in different ways.

hen we experience feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, anxiety, or despair, that means the feedback loop through the Heart is not operating correctly, and we are stuck in illusion of separation.  We experience illness, disease, and even death.

We are constantly vibrating our thoughts, desires, feelings, and emotions out into the world, both conscious and unconscious, and sometimes we can do so without any awareness of its rippling effects.

Are you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

Do you constantly worry about the future or over-analyse every situation?

Are you struggling to focus on simple tasks and stay motivated?

Do you feel emotionally drained being around people?

Are you stressed out and dealing with insomnia, headaches and a general sense of restlessness?

Making energy healings a part of your lifestyle is a great way to maintain your energy systems flowing, healthy and strong.

Receiving an energy healing accelerates your body’s own innate self-healing ability, supports your immune system, can help in relieving pain and so much more!

When you start clearing and balancing your energy system, you immediately feel lighter, more energized and able to handle stressful or challenging situations in a more positive manner without getting overwhelmed.


When groups of people come together and share a collective positive and loving intention, the individuals in that group experience spiritual awakenings, improved health and well being, and many other physical and non physical benefits.

“Whenever two or more of you are gathered in my name” has very real physical consequences for our lives!

communication with the angelic realm and Higher Self, focus in on my you challenges, and channel Divine guidance for your highest good.

an inner intelligence or wisdom deep within each of  us. When followed, it can guide us towards wholeness. And by learning to follow our own guidance, we live our life more fully.

An intuitive does not interpret your experience – the insight you gain in the session provides the interpretation.

When your energy centers are open and flowing freely, you feel your best,  you feel attractive, you feel abundant, you feel loved, you feel healthy and you have a strong sense of well-being.

When our energy is out of tune we can experience low energy, brain fog, emotional mood swings, lack of concentration procrastination and a myriad of other symptoms that affect our day-to-day functioning. Oftentimes, we feel like we are just barely getting through the day.


When you are balanced, you’ll feel happier, more peaceful, more centered,  and healthier (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially). In that state challenging life situations and times of transition don’t drain your energy as much and you can better maintain that balanced, even state.

You see everything in our universe radiates energy, from the largest ocean, to the tiniest of cells, to you my beloved friend.   Science, through Quantum Physics, shows us that everything is energy.  We have all had the experience of feeling an immediate attraction or aversion to a person upon first meeting them. That is because you were feeling or sensing their energy.

Metaphysically, when we feel good mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually we are in our natural healthy state, our true authentic state.  That is when you feel higher vibrational energies (love, joy, peace, abundance). When your energy is clear and balanced, you feel healthy, vibrant, calm and connected. You enjoy a heightened sense of wellbeing no matter what is going on around you.

Healing, balancing and clearing your energy centers that are out of balance will help you gain a new perspective on old hurts or old challenges and provide you the space to replace old beliefs and experiences with new expressions thereby attracting new patterns, experiences, and perceptions into your life.  The more you practice, the more you will be able to be at peace … always … no matter what is going on around you.

You have the power to create change in your life.  Will you use that power and create the change or changes that you want or you need for yourself?  You see, no one else can do that for you.

Your Metaphysical Energy Reading will proceed as follows:

  • Tuning into your energy and analyze your current energy state
  • Determining which energy center or centers are out of balance, blocked or need healing
  • Pinpointing the underlying cause/s
  • Assessing where there may be fears or issues
  • Energetically healing, clearing and balancing those areas
  • Empowering you with the tools to help you change your energy and maintain its healthy flow in your trouble area/s

When we change our energy around our current life situation, we can more easily release the stresses that are associated with that situation and return to our natural state of balance and health.

Energy blocks limit your happiness, your health, your life purpose, your prosperity, your relationships, and your ability to love and attract love. Creating harmony on the inside, in turn, enables us to create harmony on the outside.  (Have you ever heard the expression, “As Within, So Without?”)

When you work on your body, your mind comes along for the ride, and the same holds true vice-versa.  Your energy reveals your current mental, emotional, physical or spiritual state.  Healing, balancing and unblocking “stuck” energy can even prevent illness before it actually manifests into the physical body and supports your self-healing.

Restore the natural flow of your metaphysical energy body today!

  • Rejuvenate your emotions
  • Overcome road blocks
  • Fulfill your potential
  • Restore your happiness and state of well being
  • Feel like you can breathe again

When your metaphysical energy centers are open and flowing freely, you feel infused with life. You feel empowered, loved and nurtured inside and have the energy to accomplish your goals. You feel centered, peaceful, healthy, and free.  You are able to create and live the life of your dreams!

Just like the Glinda, the Good Witch of the North sweetly revealed to Dorothy,  Youve always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”


My energy balancing experience with Melany has been the most powerful I have experienced. The sessions balanced my mind and body allowing them to make huge jumps spiritually, and left me feeling lighter and at peace.  Melany is pure light and practices with complete non-judgement making you feel at ease and nurtured. Everyone that I have recommended to her has had a wonderful experience and I would encourage anyone who has never had an energy healing to definitely be open to this amazing experience with Melany.”


“Melany, I really want to thank you. I’m eternally grateful for your Loving presence, your intuition, and your ability to create a safe, sacred space for healing to happen. What rare and beautiful qualities these are. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience some profound transformations in my life.”


I was on my knees, everything I had worked for over the past 2 years went into the ether: my wedding, my land, my projects, my dreams… I knew Mel was doing some kind of healing work and I decided to reach out for some help energetically. I was shocked at the immediate effect of what she did especially the fact that it was at a distant!! I instantly felt better, my sleeping pattern improved, work was getting busier and new opportunities started rising. I am a therapist myself but recently decided to get back to my creative side: dancing, modeling etc… Within a month I got an amazing opportunity to work with top photographers and video makers. I couldn’t believe it! All that clearing energy work needs to be taken more seriously because it simply works. I am so grateful to have reached out to Melany she has helped me open doors I never thought could be possible.”


Dr. Lesley’s insights and treatments have helped me to heal and to better understand myself. I would strongly recommend her to anybody. She is an excellent clairvoyant and healer and her energy healing skills are powerful. Her insights were always very accurate and she identified issues each time without asking any prior questions


I did a custom chakra energy program with Dr. Lesley a number of years ago where she taught me to go deeper into myself and find and heal any patterns and wounds stored in my Chakras. I still use these techniques to this day and I have so much gratitude to Lesley for really helping me embark on my journey into self-healing and working with my own energy field. Thank you so much Dr. Lesley!


Through these mentoring sessions I realized why I made decisions that affect my life not so positively. If I were to make them today, they would produce a more positive outcome. The sessions were enlightening and helpful. I learned more about myself than ever before. Now I know my full potential and what I can become. You are truly gifted and I am blessed to have shared this wonderful experience.


Before I met Dr. Lesley I felt I was a victim of circumstance. Now I know I create all the experiences that happen in my life; the good, the bad and the wonderful.Dr Lesley helped me develop the empowerment to overcome the impact that controlling parents, abusive boyfriends and even a cult that were impacting my life. I have now learned how to create the life I want.


I had an appointment with a doctor I had been going to see for anxiety before I met you, since my anxiety appeared to be ramping up. After I talked with you I felt so much better, I can’t even put it into words. After he finished the testing, he looked at the numbers for a minute and then proceeded to tell me I have completed erased one of my markers for trauma! I had been dealing with that for a long time. He said my brain was so plastic now and responded quickly! The ONLY thing that I have done differently in my life to explain this change is work with you. I knew your teaching was powerful but it was interesting to see numbers that show it in black and white and to have a doctor comment on it! I wanted to share this with you because I have definitely felt changes in myself.


I can’t express easily how this course is changing my life but I would like to try. I’m beginning to realize how we each create our own reality and have always done so since birth, in other words I’m starting to connect the dots. I now realize why the past isn’t really important and can’t effect my present unless I allow it to and that the future is nebulous and will take care of itself when I get there. Before taking the course I was loosely studying “A Course In Miracles” and do believe that the only thing that truly exists is love and that we are one in the same. I don’t know the scientific formula or reasons why but know that I don’t have to bother my brain/soul with that.  So I am saying a huge Thank You for the breakthroughs and would enjoy your take on what I’m experiencing. More 


I have learned so much about myself these past couple of months. It really has shifted my life into much more relaxed way of being. I didn’t know what to expect as I haven’t taken an on-line course before – I LOVED it.The best part is you could feel a difference right away. It made me want to practice everyday & master the techniques,  which I feel I have. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was great & I am curious to find out what Lesley’s will teach next.

My initial reason for joining was to learn to better handle an emotionally driven life. After the first session I remember thinking “WOW, with what I learned tonight this course just paid for itself” and after the second session I knew it had!! There were 6 sessions to go and each one got better! The bonus was learning how to engage and use my intuition!! Dr. Lesley was able to teach and give very practical ways of doing this! I enjoyed our small class, a neat group of people from around the country, and learning so much from the other’s questions, insights & growth
I can’t express easily how this course is changing my life but I would like to try. I realize how we each create our own reality & have done so since birth & why the past isn’t important & can’t effect my present unless I allow it to. The future is nebulous & will take care of itself when I get there.I believe the only thing that truly exists is love & we are one. I don’t know the scientific formula but know I don’t have to bother my brain with that. So I am saying a huge Thank You for the breakthroughs. I am very grateful that I found this course.
In Unlock Your Intuition, Dr. Lesley Phillips provided easy, effective techniques and the necessary tools that showed me how to release what is unnecessary while allowing me how to harness my  energy so that I may access my consciousness.  The calm, clarity and focus I experienced was immediate and that was just the beginning!  This course was life changing! I cannot thank you enough!

I Have been very fortunate to have found Dr. Lesley as the help I have received has been life altering. I learned processes that have enhanced the quality of my life in ways I never thought possible. I have previously tried several different types of personal development without this kind of success. I recommend this course to all my friends, I believe in what you are doing.

Working with Lesley is a life-changing experience. Her ability to intuitively guide deeper inner work is unique. I value the tools I received. They support me in anchoring my changes while empowering me to love and appreciate my own abilities and gifts and to live my life even more fully.
Each week I felt calmer and more relaxed. I was able to take back the parts of myself I felt I had lost and clear my energetic space of foreign energies. I noticed a huge shift where people who were not in alignment with my best interests moved away from me and those who did care for me got closer. The changes were all in me and it was amazing to see how the world shifted externally from something like this. I saw the world from a new perspective. The techniques in this course helped me to clear the blocks I had. I am much calmer and back in control of my life again. I’m very happy with the results of this class and looking forward to taking more.
I am learning to listen to my heart/spirit rather than my head as I am prone to do.
Her insights and treatments have helped me to heal and to better understand myself. I would strongly recommend her to anybody. She is an excellent clairvoyant. Her energy healing skills are powerful. Her insights were always accurate.

I went to Bella for a 1hr Chakra and Aura balancing for the first time last week. I’ve gone to a Reiki session somewhere else before and I didn’t feel much different afterwards. So now it’s been a week since the session with Bella and I truly feel that I’m much more at peace with myself and have less worries about the day to day and unknown. This was a transformation for me since I now have a renewed sense of mindfulness, appreciation, and being in the present moment. I longed for this, so will definitely see Bella again.

I highly recommend Bella if you’re looking to have more peace with yourself and need help restoring your mental and emotional state.

On a whim, I decided to do something I never thought I’d do and get a tarot reading for the very first time. After much scouring Yelp and reading tons of different reviews, I settled on trying out a reading from Bella. She was very personable, kind, and focused. I could tell she takes her craft very seriously while maintaining a very positive vibe.

Even though I was very nervous at first, talking to her was really easy and my overall experience with her was very insightful. It was also a huge confidence boost and it was wonderful to be reassured that I’m on the right path and exactly where I’m supposed to be. She was also really time efficient and we covered a lot of ground in the short hour. I’m thankful for her time and really appreciate what I’ve learned. I’d love to come back to her again later down the road and will recommend her to my friends! Thanks so much Bella!

This was the first time doing this sort of thing as I had already heard stories from people getting scammed or not feeling like they got a legitimate experience. After some recent events in my life I decided to just try it and at least say I did it. I have to say, she went above and beyond my expectations.

Bella is the absolute real deal and I am still in complete awe almost an hour after the session. One of the best parts is she didn’t just reiterate issues I’m having from what the cards are telling her but she attempts to help get rid of those issues as well. I got literal CHILLS multiple times throughout our conversation and definitely calling back very soon.

Thank you so much Bella! You’re amazing!!

I saw Bella for the second time last night and WOW! I saw her for the first time (in person) over the summer and her predictions have been spot on! Me and my friend both did a session w/ her and I must say that we were a little skeptical going into it because we weren’t sure if we’d believe it, but wow we left her sessions absolutely speechless!!! At the time she told me in 3 months she saw me getting a new job in the school district & what do you know, 3 months later I’m working at an elementary school right now. We proceeded to talk about my relationships and school & everything that she said has happened so far. Last night we did a 45 minute session and i told her some concerns about my dads health and with giving her no information she was able to tell me what she saw and it’s 100% all true! I was worried that it was something serious but he just got testing done today and it has to do with what she told me, which is CRAZY! There’s no way anyone knows that specific information. We then went onto talking about friends and with only giving her my friends first names, she was able to describe their personalities SPOT ON and it’s still so crazy to me. She is the real deal! If you want some closure or guidance, i definitely suggest seeing Bella, she has really good vibes and is AMAZING at what she does!!
I had such a very enlightening reading.  I felt very comfortable with Bella, and the hour flew by.  It is clear that Bella has expertise and a passion for spiritual connection and self-healing.  Hearing and learning what she was able to see what the future holds for me and providing guidance of situations to be mindful of was what I needed. I really enjoyed that she “went with the flow” in what she felt like I needed – we began with Tarot cards then proceed in reading my energy.  The information that she shared was insightful and inspirational. If anyone is looking for clarity, guidance, or support during hardships, I highly recommend meeting with Bella!
My Tarot reading with Bella totally exceeded my expectations! I’ve had only one Tarot reading before her & I felt like it was way too vague. That wasn’t the case with Bella at all! She listened carefully to all my questions & went into detail with all the answers!!!
I’ve been in a tough spot in my life & recently started feeling stuck. I was looking for clarity & reassurance that I was on the right track & that I was making the right decisions. I needed motivation & felt like I needed to be steered in the right direction. I walked out of the reading feeling so confident & excited about what’s to come. Bella, I can’t thank you enough! From the bottom of my heart I appreciate you & your work!
Bella is super understanding, easy going, intuitive, and incredible at what she does. To top it off she’s absolutely gorgeous …. Just saying lol
I really appreciated her honesty during the whole process. Prior to the reiki session she gave me I was having pretty bad knee pain. Well that went away for 3 days right after my session. #truestory
The reiki attunement she gave me left me feeling properly aligned and extremely confident to start my path in healing myself and others.
Thank you very much for your time  and sharing your gift unselfishly with the community. Keep doing what you do
My 1 hour tarot card reading with Bella was the most incredible experience. I came in very lost and confused due to things going on in my life but I left with so much clarity and reassurance. I felt very comfortable and at ease speaking with her and she answered all of the questions I had. Everything she said and saw about the people in my life was so accurate and leaves you in awe. I have had readings before but this one has been the best yet. I plan to get another reading in the future and I even have my husband going in for Reiki. He suffered a major injury that I know will improve once he has his session. Thank you for giving me the peace of mind I needed and feeling more prepared for the future!

Helping clients like you, all over the globe, make significant and lasting improvements to their lives for over 25 years, including but not limited to:


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